现在大家都比较注重养生,在大暑这个时节也不会例外。那么,大暑应该如何养生呢?大暑养生的食谱有哪些? 接下来,大家就跟德小君一起来了解一下吧!

Great Heat is the 12th of the 24 solar terms. From July 22-24 in the solar calendar every year, the sun reaches 120° of the ecliptic latitudes, indicating that the weather is extremely hot, and the hottest period is coming. During this time, the temperature is the highest and there are more thunderstorms. In many parts of China, there are often high temperatures of 104°F (40°C).


大暑养生 Great Heat Nourishing

As the saying goes “Slight Heat is not too hot, Great Heat are the dog days of summer.” The main feature of Great Heat is the high temperature and humidity. If you want to live through the Great Heat, you must learn the following regimen.

01、精神调养 Nourishing the Mind

During Great Heat, the weather is very hot, and people are easily upset and listless. Some people call it “mental heat stroke.” Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of “meditation and health preservation”.

“A calm mind keeps you cool” is to avoid irritability and anger. It is best to keep your mind relax and think happy thoughts. It is also recommended to participate in activities such as fishing, painting, calligraphy, etc., which can achieve the effect of calming your mind and conditioning your mind.


​02、起居调养 Daily Nourishing

Due to the extreme hot weather during this solar term, it is important to pay attention to heatstroke prevention and avoid working under the scorching sun for a long period of time. The elderly and those with weak physique should avoid going out under the scorching sun at noon. Change clothes in time after sweating to avoid catching a cold.

At the same time, ensure to pay attention to indoor ventilation. Temperature difference between the air-conditioned room and outdoor temperature should not exceed 50°F (10°C). Avoid blowing directly

In addition, during Great Heat, the temperature is relatively hot, and people are more likely to feel tired. Therefore, it is necessary to take naps during the day as a proper nap can keep you energetic.


03、运动调养 Exercise Recuperation

It is advisable to exercise less or choose low-intensity sports, such as walking, brisk walking, Tai Chi, etc. It is also recommended to spend the morning or evening in a cool park or river. Ensure to replenish water after exercise, but avoid consuming cold beverages, otherwise symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea will easily occur.

04、饮食调养 Diet Recuperation

Not only is the weather being hot during Great Heat, but there are also thunder and heavy rain. People are prone to symptoms such as abdominal distension, loss of appetite, fatigue and so on. Diet should be light and varied, mainly to invigorate qi, invigorate the spleen, reduce heat, and promote fluid, and consume more mung bean, cucumber, bitter gourd, lotus root, duck meat, seaweed, watermelon, barley, longan, and other medicinal products.

大暑养生食谱 Great Heat Diet

01、豆芽鸡丝 Bean Sprouts Shredded Chicken

Ingredients: 100 grams of mung bean sprouts, 200 grams of chicken breast, sesame oil, salt, vinegar, sugar, ginger, and garlic cloves.

制作方法 Instruction
Cut ginger into fine shreds, clean garlic and smashed into puree. Put chicken breasts in a pot and cook until medium well done. Then remove chicken from pot and cut into shreds.

Wash mung bean sprouts, boil in hot water for a few minutes, remove then drain them and put them together with the shredded chicken. Use appropriate amount of vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, refined salt, shredded ginger, and garlic. Pour the marinade into the plate and mix well, and ready to serve.

02、猪皮炖红枣 Stewed Pork Rind with Red Dates

Ingredients: 250-500 grams of pork rind, 10-20 pcs of red dates, appropriate amount of salt and sugar.

Instruction: Wash the pork rind to remove hair, cut into small pieces, and stew with red dates, brown sugar, or salt in water for about half an hour.

Suitable for people with chronic bleeding, hemophilia, bleeding gums, anemia, and sore throat.

Not suitable for those who suffer from damp heat and phlegm.

03、百合莲子蛋羹 Sweet Lily Lotus Seed with Eggs

Ingredients: 50 grams each of lily and lotus seeds, 2 to 3 eggs, and appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Instruction: Boil eggs, peel and set aside. Wash lotus and lily seed, then put inside the stew pot with the eggs, add appropriate amount of rock sugar, and simmer in water for about half an hour.

Suitable for women’s menopausal syndrome and can also be used for anti-aging and tonic. It is also suitable for chronic bronchitis, cough with lung heat, hemoptysis due to exertion, insomnia, palpitations, spermatorrhea, frequent urination, turbidity, diarrhea due to spleen deficiency and diarrhea due to heart and kidney failure or deficiency of the heart and kidney.
禁忌:百合性寒,故风寒咳嗽者忌食。 Due to lily seed is cold in nature, it is not suitable for people who have a cough.

Above were some methods for health preservation during Great Heat. People who are interested can give it a try on your own preferences, or feel free to share these useful tips with your friends and family.


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