How To Treat Symptoms of Growing Grey Hair from TCM Perspective

Why do people grow gray hair?

First of all, what determines the hair color is the number of pigment particles in the hair, which is related to the development and growth of the hair root papilla pigment cells. When hair turns from black to white, it is generally the pigment cell function decline of hair. When it declines to completely unable to produce pigment particles, the hair turns white completely.

From the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, no matter what the reason is, the gray hair is caused by “deficiency”. Even the so-called gray hair caused by blood heat is essentially caused by the dissipation of liver blood and kidney essence in the body. Under normal circumstances, gray hair will grow after the age of 40.

However, if the hair suddenly turns gray within a period of time, it is mostly caused by the disorder of Qi in the body. At this time, if the cause is treated, the white hair will often turn black again. Modern medical theory believes that excessive worry, panic, fright and mental fatigue will cause the blood vessels that supply hair nutrition to spasm, hinder the function of secreting melanin, and lead to gray hair. This is actually caused by the influence of emotions. Emotional depression or excessive worry will lead to stagnation of liver Qi and stagnation of Qi and blood, which will cause the blood to fail to nourish the hair and turn white. Such people are usually accompanied by dry mouth and throat, indigestion, chest tightness and abdominal distension, etc., especially among middle-aged people with high pressure.

01、前额白发 | 脾胃失调
Grey hair on forehead | Spleen-stomach disorder

The forehead corresponds to the spleen and stomach in the internal organs.

Symptoms: People with spleen and stomach deficiency are often accompanied by symptoms such as bad breath, excessive appetite, or edema of the limbs, chills and warmth, clear and long or unfavorable urine.

Food tonic and health regimen to alleviate 【forehead white hair】:

Patients with spleen and stomach deficiency can cook a pot of “ginger porridge” every three to five days for conditioning.

Medical theory: Fresh ginger is hot in nature and pungent in taste. It has the effects of dispelling cold and sweating, warming stomach and analgesia, sterilizing and anti-inflammatory, and it has good curative effect on treating deficiency-cold gastritis and ulcer gastritis.

Raw material: fresh ginger 3g, japonica rice 60g

Method: When cooking porridge normally, shred the fresh ginger, put it in the pot and boil it with the japonica rice.

Suggestion: It can be used as a main course for breakfast and dinner. You can drink 1-2 small bowls for each meal while hot; sprinkle some sesame seeds or salt according to your preference.

02、两鬓斑白 | 肝火旺盛
Gray Hair on Temples | Exuberant Liver Heat

The temples correspond to the liver and gallbladder in the internal organs.

Symptoms: People with heated liver and gallbladder are relatively more prone to sulk and short-tempered. It is often accompanied by dry mouth, bitter mouth, dry tongue, sore eyes, etc. This is caused by excessive fire in the liver and gallbladder, which in turn leads to injury to the spleen and stomach.

Food tonic and health regimen for alleviating 【Grey temples】: Patients with exuberant liver fire should mainly eat light meals, and they can eat more eight-treasure porridge, lotus seed porridge, lotus seed white fungus porridge, etc.. Also, we can drink more lotus seed tea, rose tea, hawthorn tea in our normal days.


03、后脑勺白发 | 气不足
Grey hair at the back of the head | Insufficient Kidney Qi

The back of the head corresponds to the bladder meridian in the internal organs.

Symptoms: Patients with weak bladder meridian are often accompanied by symptoms such as frequent urination, enuresis or urinary incontinence, and poor urination. Because the main function of the bladder is to store and urinate, and the urination function of the bladder is closely related to the ups and downs of kidney qi, so these patients should not hold back their urine.

Food tonic and health regimen to relieve【white hair on the back of the head】:
Patients with insufficient kidney qi can eat more ingredients such as walnuts, sweet potatoes, duck meat, yam, and dried mulberries which can help the body to nourish the kidney and qi.

Patients who enjoy eating soup, can also mix with ginger, honey, milk, wolfberry and other ingredients, which can help the body improve blood circulation and regulate the stomach.

Always consult a physician before you start using any dietary or herbal supplements.

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