Slight Heat, the 11th of 24 Solar Terms, every year when Slight Heat approaches, it means that the weather will get hotter, the human body sweat more and deplete more energy. During this time of the year, we must pay attention to our body’s health maintenance.

小暑 养生篇 Slight Heat Regimen

昼长夜短 起居宜午休 Days are long and nights are short.

因为天气炎热、夏日昼长夜短、大部分人会晚睡早起,所以在起居方面,人们中午时候可以适当休息,帮助自身恢复身体疲劳。不过也要适当地接受阳光照射(避开太阳直射),以顺应阳气的充盛,利于气血的运行,振奋精神。为了避免中暑,小暑时节人们应注意防晒、经常洗澡、勤换衣物,这样可以使皮肤疏松、 “阳热” 易于发泄。需要注意的是,人们在出汗以后不要立即洗澡,正所谓 “汗出不见湿” ,若 “汗出见湿,乃生痤疮” 。
Due to the hot weather, long summer days and short summer nights, most people go to bed late and get up early. People can take a nap around noontime to help recover from physical fatigue. However, it is also necessary to properly expose to sunlight (avoid direct sunlight) to comply to the fullness of the sun, which is conducive to the movement of qi and blood and invigorates the mind. To avoid heatstroke, people should pay extra attention to protect themselves from the sun, take bath frequently, and change clothes frequently during the summer months. This could allow the “sun heat” to vent easily. Please make note that people should not take a bath immediately after sweating. It is the so-called “sweat but not wet” because dampness in our skin could cause acne.

外热须内“冷” 心静体自凉 A calm heart keeps you cool

According to the theory of Four Seasons Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is related to fire, and the fire is invigorating the heart. During summertime, when the temperature rises, people are prone to nervousness, irritability, and excessive heartburn, especially middle-aged and elderly people with poor cardiac function. Under emotional or overworked condition in the summer, myocardial ischemia and arrhythmia may cause cardiovascular function obstacles. Increased blood pressure and even sudden death. Therefore, health preservation in summer must especially care for the heart.

小暑 运动篇 Slight Heat Exercise

运动以散步、健走、游泳为主 It is recommended to walk and swim.

Walking is suitable for outdoor aerobic exercise in summer. Walking is easy to master, and it has relatively small pressure on the knee and ankle joints, suitable for almost everyone including the elderly, the frail, and the severely obese, etc. All you need is a pair of comfortable sports shoes. You can choose a street under the shade of trees, a breezy riverbank or seaside, and the tree-lined walkways in the park are all suitable.

Swimming is a good choice of exercise during Summer as well. Compared with other sports, swimming can relieve heat and achieve great effect of exercising. But do pay attention to several points when swimming: avoid swimming after strenuous exercise, ensure to warm-up before swimming, and avoid eating immediately after swimming. Choose clean water pool, do not swim in unclean water to avoid skin inflammation, lastly, ensure to shower after swimming.

运动时长因人而异 Duration of exercise varies

Exercising at high temperatures consumes more on the human body than usual, the duration and intensity of exercise should be determined according to your own condition, and do not over exercise. People with good physique can exercise for a longer period; those with no exercise habit or weaker physique should generally exercise for 20-30 minutes. For the average person, the summer temperature and humidity are high and exercise intensity should be moderate.

注意事项 Precautions

小暑要防“暑湿”伤人 Prevent Heat and Dampness

预防中暑首先是防寒。夏日避暑切勿过度贪凉,不要在树荫底、屋檐下、过道里乘凉时间过长,空调房间温度不宜过低,睡眠时不要让电扇或空调风口对人直吹,也不要大量饮进冷开水或冰镇饮料,以免寒邪直中。已患阴暑者可服藿香正 气丸,能解暑化湿;胃肠受寒,可饮生姜红糖水温中和胃;关节冷痛可进行关节热敷,适量饮用红酒、米酒以温经通络。若病情复杂、外寒内热或虚实夹杂者,建议及时前往医院就诊。
To prevent heatstroke, we need to first prevent cold. Do not spend too much time in the shade or in air-conditioned room. Do not let the fan or air-conditioning vent blow directly to the body when sleeping and avoid drinking excessive iced cold beverages. Those who are suffering from yin and summer heat can take Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Wan, a dietary herbal supplement which can relieve heat and reduce dampness; for gastrointestinal cold, drink ginger and brown sugar water to neutralize the stomach; for joint cold pain, apply joint heat compress, drink red wine and rice wine in moderation to warm the body channels.

穿浅色衣服 清凉油等随身携带 Wear light-colored clothes and have medicated cooling oil with you.

How to prevent heatstroke in the midsummer season? It is best to wear light-colored or white clothes, wear a hat, and take proper rest when going out. Drink plenty of refreshing drinks, salt boiling water; Jintan, Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Water, and medicated cooling oil are best carried with you; it is recommended to consume light diet. Consume foods that clear away heat and promote dampness, such as bitter gourd, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

小暑 饮食篇 Slight Heat Diet

小暑黄鳝赛人参 Field Eel Matches Ginseng

Slight Heat is the perfect time to consume field eel. As the saying goes, “Slight Heat Field Eel Matches Ginseng”. The field eel is most nourishing one month before and after Slight Heat. Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner believe that field eel is warm in nature, sweet in taste, high in protein content, more than twice the iron content of carp and yellow croaker, and contains a variety of minerals and vitamins, which can also protect the cardiovascular system.

来碗山楂、荷叶茶饮 Hawthorn and Lotus Leaves Tea

The five internal organs of long summer belong to the spleen. The biggest feature of long summer is that it is too damp, and the spleen is most afraid of dampness. When the weather is hot, drink porridge, and use lotus leaves, lentils, barley, polyporus, and other materials to make heat-relief soup or porridge, either sweet or salty. It is especially suitable for this solar term. Consume more fruits, as it is good for heatstroke prevention, but do not overdo to avoid burden on the stomach.

In addition, hawthorn and lotus leaves can also be used to brew tea instead of tea leaves. 15-30 grams of dried hawthorn each time, and 10 grams of dried lotus leaves each time. Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner believes that summer is part of heart, long summer is part of spleen. Hawthorn and lotus leaves are used as a substitute for tea. It tastes sour and fragrant; it is especially suitable for people with congestion blocking the collaterals.


小暑 食疗篇 Therapeutic Diet during Slight Heat

最后, 送上消暑食疗方煲汤, 走起~
Lastly, soup with hot summer therapeutic diet, as follows ~

01、藿香化浊汤 Huoxiang Huazhuo Soup

Ingredients: 5 grams of Huaoxiang, 5 grams of Sesame Leaves, 3 grams of Tangerine Peel, 5 grams of Dried Hawthorn.

制法:上述材料放茶缸内,沸水冲泡10分钟,加糖调味,放温饮用。Cooking Instruction: Put the above material in a tea jar, brew in boiling water for 10 minutes, add sugar for flavor, and drink when it is warm.

Efficacy: Relieve heat and turbidity, revitalize the spleen and appetite. It is suitable for hot weather, people with full abdominal distension, thick and greasy tongue coating, and poor appetite.


02、芦根绿豆粥 Lu Gen Mung Bean Porridge

Ingredients: 50 grams of Lu Gen, 100 grams of Mung Beans, 150 grams of White Rice.

Cooking Instruction: Wash the Lu Gen and mung beans, rinse the white rice, soak the mung beans for 1 hour, add a proper amount of water and cook the Lu Gen for 30 minutes to get the le gen juice, then add mung beans and white rice to the Lu Gen juice and cook until the porridge is formed.

Efficacy: Relieve heat and promote body fluid. It is suitable for people who suffer from heat and sweat and dry mouth.

Winter Melon Lotus Pork Soup

Ingredients: 750 grams of Winter Melon, 2 Dried Lotus, 30 grams of Dried Pearl Barley, 30 grams of Lentils, 5 grams of Tangerine Peel, 500 grams of Pork Ribs.

制法:上述材料洗净后放入煲内,加水适量,先用大火煮沸,再用小火煲2.5小时,加盐调味即可食用。Cooking Instruction: After washing the above-mentioned materials, put them in a pot, add appropriate amount of water, and boil on high fire first, then boil on low fire for 2.5 hours, add salt for seasoning and ready to serve.

Efficacy: Relieving heat and dampness. It is suitable for people who suffer from heat and dampness, loose stools, and thick and greasy tongue coating.

04、消暑益气汤 Relieve heat and nourish qi Soup

Ingredients: 50 grams of Radix Axtragali, 30 grams of Radix Ophiopogonis, 20 grams of Herbal Loophatheri, 30 grams of Lalang Grass Rhizome, 200 grams of Watermelon Peel, 3 pieces of Dried Sweet Dates, 5 grams of Dried Tangerine Peel, 200 grams of Lean Pork.

Cooking Instruction: After washing the above-mentioned materials, put them in a pot, add appropriate amount of water, and boil on high fire first, then cook on low fire for 2 hours, add salt for flavor, and ready to serve.

Efficacy: Relieve summer heat, clears away heat, nourishes qi and produces fluid. It is suitable during hot weather, for people with sweating, dry mouth, fatigue, and shortness of breath.


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