Looking at the nutrition trend in recent years, it is easy to find the figure of whole grains is becoming more common on our dining table, and everyone is paying more attention to healthy diet.


Today is the first day of Heavy Snow (21st of 24 Solar Terms). The weather is getting colder, this is the time to increase intake of vitamin C and E. It is said that consuming whole grains is healthy, but why are they healthy? How are they different from ordinary rice and noodles?




大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!


Presumably, many people have some knowledge of this peculiar looking grain from the Andes of South America? Quinoa is indispensable on the fitness table. It is also exceedingly popular among various celebrities.

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!


This is no wonder, after all, Quinoa is the mother of food that has nurtured the entire lnca nation for 5,000 years. It is an extremely nutritious and comprehensive “super food,” and even NASA has listed it as the ideal food for humans to immigrate to outer space in the future!

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!


∇  藜麦营养在哪? ∇

What are the nutrients of Quinoa?

▪ 唯一一种单一植物即可满足人体的所有微量元素需求的食物。

The only food that can satisfy all trace element needs of the human body with a single plant.

▪ 富含多种氨基酸,蛋白质的含量高,是稻米的3倍,且成分接近动物蛋白。

Rich in a variety of amino acids, the protein content is 3 times that of rice, and the composition is close to animal protein.

▪ 低脂高纤、0 胆固醇 、无糖、无麸质,且热量很低(100g 藜麦饭只有 120 大卡)

Low-fat, high-fiber, 0 cholesterol, sugar-free, gluten-free, and low in calories (100 grams quinoa is only 120 kcal)


Suitable for vegetarians and people who is looking to lose weight, people who cannot get protein from meat; who are allergic to gluten; people of all ages, including the elderly and children.

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!

∇  怎么吃? ∇

 How to cook Quinoa?


Quinoa has three colors: red, white, and black, with similar nutritional value, but there are slight differences in taste and cooking time:

煮制时间:白色 15 分钟;红色 20分钟 ;黑色 30 分钟。

Cooking time: 15 minutes for white; 20 minutes for red; 30 minutes for black.


Taste: White with a hint of grassy fragrance; black is sweeter and chewy; red has the highest fiber content among the three.


The Quinoa needs to be pre-treated before cooking, soak it in hot water, and scrub after sprout, otherwise the taste will be slightly bitter.

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!


Quinoa, like other grains, can be cooked directly as a staple of food to make fragrant Quinoa rice.

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!


Some people add Quinoa when baking biscuits, and it is chewier when baked into biscuits.

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!


Because it is rich in animal-like protein, Quinoa can also be made into a “meat” as a veggie burger.

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!

 / 用料  Ingredients /

藜麦 1/2杯 /  1杯 / 迷迭香 3茶匙 / 胡椒粉 1茶匙 / 煮熟的黑豆 1杯 / 玉米粒、洋葱碎 1/2杯 / 全麦粉 1杯半 / 橄榄油 适量

½ cup of Quinoa, 1 cup of water, 3 teaspoons of Rosemary, 1 teaspoon of pepper, 1 cup of cooked black beans, ½ cup of corn kernels and chopped onions, 1.5 cups of whole wheat flour, appropriate amount of olive oil

 / 做法 Cooking Instructions / 


Add water, quinoa, and 1 teaspoon of rosemary to the pot, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes after boiling

2、将煮好的藜麦加入洋葱碎、玉米粒、熟豆子、2茶匙迷迭香、胡椒粉,碾碎搅拌均匀。Add the cooked quinoa to chopped onion, corn kernels, cooked beans, 2 teaspoons of rosemary, and pepper. Crush and stir evenly


Add whole wheat flour and stir again, add salt and chili powder according to your taste


Divide the mixture into four parts, knead round and press into cakes, heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a pan, and fry the cakes for 4-5 minutes on each side



Wheat germ

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!



大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!

∇   小麦胚芽营养在哪? ∇

What are the nutrients of Wheat Germ?

▪ 蛋白质含量高,半杯营养就超过4个鸡蛋

High protein content, more than 4 eggs in half a cup!

▪ 富含有益脂肪——不饱和脂肪酸,不怕给身体带来负担,还能滋润皮肤。

Rich in beneficial fats – unsaturated fatty acids, which are not afraid of burdening the body and can also moisturize the skin

▪ 脂溶性的维生素A、D、E特别丰富,尤其维生素E最多,对于抗氧化有显著效果。

Fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E are particularly rich, especially vitamin E is the most, which has a significant effect on antioxidants


Suitable for women of all ages; people who lack protein in their diets; people who consume too much saturated fat.

∇  怎么吃? ∇

How to cook Wheat Germ?


Wheat Germ has a crunchy texture. It is very suitable for a perfect breakfast with milk and soy milk.

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!


Sprinkle some Wheat Germ on the dough when baking, the baked bread looks more delicious!

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!


Wrap it with your favorite fillings and make a cute Wheat Germ biscuit ball. All the kids will love them!

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!

 / 用料  Ingredients /

小麦胚芽 90g / 低筋面粉 20g / 奶粉 20g / 蛋白 2个 / 白巧克力 50g / 红豆沙 适量 / 黑芝麻 适量

90 grams of Wheat Germ, 20 grams of Low-gluten Flour, 20 grams of Milk Powder, Egg White (2 eggs), 50 grams of White Chocolate, appropriate amount of red bean paste, appropriate amount of black sesame seeds

 / 做法 Cooking Instructions / 


Pour the Wheat Germ, flour, and milk powder into a bowl and mix well. Beat the egg whites and pour into the bowl and mix.


Separate the Wheat Germ dough and red bean paste and mold into balls.


Flatten the dough, wrap the red bean paste, and roll with sesame seeds.


Arrange in a baking tray and heat up and down at 150 degrees for 25 minutes.


Use the melted white chocolate and squeeze onto the sesame ball as eyes.




大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!


Speaking of Rye, our first reaction is usually bread! The appearance of coarse ore, the strong aroma of wheat, beautiful black color with a rustic primitive feel!

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!



There are also pressed Rye flakes on the market, which are usually sold mixed with oatmeal, which looks like chocolate chips at first glance.

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!

∇  黑麦营养在哪? ∇

What are nutrients of Rye?

▪ 和燕麦的纤维素含量不相上下,有很丰富的维生素B、E。

The fiber content is comparable to oatmeal, and it is rich in vitamins B and E

▪ 吸水性强,具有更强的饱腹感,闻起来还有淡淡的可可味。

Strong water absorption, with a stronger feeling of fullness, and a light cocoa smell

▪ 面粉很适合做面包,替代传统白面包,GI值更低。

Flour is very suitable for making bread, instead of traditional white bread, it has a lower GI value


Suitable for pasta lovers; people who are tired of ordinary oatmeal~

∇   怎么吃? ∇Rye steam bun is the way to go!


Rye steam bun is the way to go!

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!

 / 用料 Ingredients /

黑麦粉 200g / 全麦粉 300g / 中筋面粉 300g / 干酵母 10g /  300g / 温水 100g

200 grams of Rye Flour, 300 grams of Whole Wheat Flour, 300 grams of All-purpose Flour, 10 grams of Dry Yeast, 300 grams of water, 100 grams of warm water

 / 做法 Cooking Instructions / 


Pour 10 grams of dry yeast into warm water


Take the flour in the container, pour in the yeast water, and slowly add cold water to it, while stirring until all the dry powder is well mixed


Knead the dough by hand until it is smooth and divide into 3 portions.


Pack the dough separately in a fresh-keeping bag, squeeze out the air to tighten the seal, refrigerate for about 24 hours, until the dough rises to double of its original size


Sprinkle the flour and knead the dough evenly and divide into equal parts. Leave to ferment for 15 minutes


Steam over medium heat for about 15 minutes, turn heat off and simmer for another 3 minutes


Tips from nutritionists


Whole grains are good, but we must watch intake quantity. According to the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents,” the recommended daily intake of grains and potatoes is 250~400 grams, and whole grains account for 100~250 grams.


Moreover, after research by a foreign nutritionist Adler Davis, whole grains are rich in phosphoric acid, so they are not suitable for people with severe kidney disease and will increase the burden on the kidney.

所以粗粮应遵循“少量常吃”的原则,每天粗细结合,且要时常变换粗粮种类,更有助于消化和营养均衡哦~ 上面那些粗粮都不难买,各大超市或大型粮油市场就可以买到,怎么样,是不是要开始准备动身了呢?

Therefore, whole grains should follow the principle of “eating small amounts often,” combining whole and fine grains every day, and changing the types of whole grains from time to time, which is more helpful for digestion and nutrient balance. The above whole grains are not difficult to find, and it is available in major supermarkets.

大雪 | 你家餐桌的杂粮,是时候全面升级了!





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