The “Waking of Insects” is the 3rd of 24 Solar Terms. After “Spring Begins,” the rolling spring thunder woke up various insects dormant in the soil and hibernated, and the eggs of the wintering insects began to hatch. Traditional Chinese Medicine stated that spring belongs to woods, which tastes sour, and corresponds to the five internal organs as liver. It conforms to the laws of natural growth and hair growth. In spring, it is easy to cause liver winder and live fire to act rashly, which can easily cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and hypertension.

Prior and after The Waking of Insects, the alternation of cold and warm air began to occur frequently. Since South China belongs to a typical marine subtropical monsoon climate, after the cold air in the Lingnan area passes, the warm and humid air quickly counterattacks, the temperature rises, and the water molecules in the air reach saturation. Cold objects will form water droplets on the surface of the object, forming a unique weather phenomenon in the Lingnan area, returning to the southern sky. This humid weather often causes or aggravates various diseases such as respiratory system, digestive system, skin system, and bone and joint system.

Therefore, during The Waking of Insects, it is necessary to protect the liver and spleen, eat less acidic food, and properly consume some tea or soup porridge that has the functions of strengthening the spleen and removing dampness, protecting the liver, and nourishing the stomach to enhance physical fitness.


茶饮 Tea

枸杞茶 Goji Berry Tea

Take 10 grams of Goji Berry, add hot water and brew. Goji Berry tea is suitable for people with liver and kidney deficiency, physical insufficiency after illness, and elderly people with physical infirmity. It is especially suitable for eye fatigue caused by long-term computer use.

蜜糖红茶 Honey Black Tea


Put 5 grams of black tea leaves in a thermos cup, brew with boiling water, cover, and simmer for a while; adjust appropriate amount of honey and brown sugar. Drink once a day before meals to warm and nourish the stomach. This tea is suitable in spring when the liver qi is too strong, and the spleen and stomach function is weak.

护肝花茶 Liver Protection Floral Tea

6 grams of radix axtragali, 3 grams of rose, 3 grams of finger citron fruit, mixed into scented tea, brewed and drink during the day. It can relieve symptoms such as fatigue and lethargy, weakness of the spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, and spontaneous perspiration, and achieve the purpose of smoothing the qi and nourishing the liver.

百合莲子银耳茶 Lily Lotus Seeds and White Fungus Tea

6 pieces of lotus seeds, 4 grams of white fungus, 4 grams of red dates, 4 grams of lily bulb, 20 grams of white sugar, 200ml of water. Rinse all ingredients with water, soak lily bulb, red dates, and white fungus until soft, set aside for later use. Boil the lotus seeds until half-cooked, drain the water, then add lily bulb and red dates and cook with water. After the three ingredients in the pot are all boiled, add white fungus and sugar, turn heat off after sugar dissolves, and let warm before enjoying. This tea has the effect of nourishing the liver and stomach and has a good effect on promoting the function of the spleen and stomach and nourishing the liver.


汤水 Soup

淮山薏米生鱼汤 Radix Dioscorea and Pearly Barley Fish Soup

Ingredients: 1 fish, 15 grams of radix dioscorea, 15 grams of dried pearl barley, 1 small piece of tangerine peel, 100 grams of lean pork, 3 slices of ginger.

Cooking instruction: Wash the fish and cut into several sections; wash the radix dioscorea and pearl barley; soak the dried tangerine peel in water to soften, scrape off the white flesh; crack a small piece of ginger, heat the pot, and rub pot with ginger. Put two tablespoons of oil, when the oil is 60% hot, put the fish, and fry until lightly yellow; boil the water in the clay pot, add fried fish and other ingredients, bring to boil over high heat, turn to medium and low heat and simmer for an hour and a half, add salt for taste and ready to serve.

Efficacy: Invigorating the spleen and removing dampness, nourishing yin and tonifying, relieving spring fatigue.


淮山赤小豆茯苓薏仁粥 Radix Dioscorea Red Beans Pearl Barley Porridge

In spring, when the liver qi is prosperous, it is easy to damage the spleen, so it is necessary to consume porridges that dispel dampness to nourish the spleen.


Ingredients: 10 grams each of radix dioscorea, red beans, tuckahoe, dried pearl barley, and 1 piece of tangerine peel.


Cooking instruction: After washing the ingredients, add them together to make porridge. Do not add rice. People with digestion, spleen deficiency, and dampness can add salt; people with qi and blood deficiency can add a small amount of brown sugar to eat sweet.


Efficacy: This porridge has the effect of removing dampness and strengthening the spleen.


荠菜豆腐汤 Shepherd’s Purse Tofu Soup

Ingredients: 150 grams of shepherd’s purse, 150 grams of tofu, 20 grams of dried shiitake mushrooms

Cooking instruction: Cut the tofu into cubes, soak the shiitake mushrooms in warm water and cut into strips, wash the shepherd’s purse, and cut into sections for later use. Add an appropriate amount of water, bring to boil, add tofu, mushrooms, add salt, stir well, and cover the pot. Add water starch to thicken and pour in sesame oil after the soup becomes thick.

Efficacy: Eating shepherd’s purse often can benefit liver qi and improve eyesight. Eating shepherd’s purse is good for hypertensive patients with irritable temper and increased blood pressure; it has the effect of cooling blood and stopping bleeding. The combination of tofu and shepherd’s purse is not only very delicious, but also very suitable for spring health and disease prevention.


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