清明养生小常识之养生注意事项 Qingming Health Tips


Qingming is not only related to the custom of sweeping graves, but also an important solar term for health. During the period before and after the Qingming Festival, how should we maintain health so that we can achieve the effect of strengthening our body, preventing diseases and longevity?
“As far as Traditional Chinese Medicine health care is concerned, Qingming is a particularly important Solar Term.” Traditional Chinese Medicine informs that human being should live in flow with four seasons, and all things grow in spring, and so does the body.


From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, breathing methods are beneficial to the yang energy of the human body. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone wear loose clothes and go to places where the air is fresh, such as walking slowly, boxing, and doing exercises in parks, woods, hillsides, etc.
After the beginning of Spring, the liver qi in the body becomes more and more exuberant with the deepening of Spring, and it is most exuberant at the time of Qingming. As the saying goes, If the liver qi is too strong, it will have a bad effect on the spleen and stomach, affecting the normal digestion and absorption of food, and also cause emotional disorders and poor blood flow, which will lead to various diseases.



During the Qingming season, anything that depletes or hinders the yang energy should be avoided. The rise of “yang qi” refers to the movement and contraction of the spleen and stomach, so people’s appetite in spring is usually better, but they should pay attention to eating moderately to protect the normal function of the spleen and stomach. ”
This period is a period of high incidence of hypertension and respiratory diseases, which should be paid attention to.

Dietary taboos during the Qingming festival

●Bamboo Shoots
Bamboo shoots contain insoluble calcium oxalate, and patients with urethra, kidney and gallstones should not eat more. Bamboo shoots contain a lot of crude cellulose, which may be a pathogenic factor for patients with gastrointestinal diseases and liver cirrhosis, which is easy to cause gastric bleeding and aggravation of liver disease.

Avoid eating too many roosters if your liver fire is too strong. Refers to stimulating food that are easy to arouse the liver wind and raise qi and raise yang. These stimulating foods are mostly heat-positive foods, such as pork head meat, rooster meat, goose meat, etc. Hyperactivity, headache, and epilepsy patients should avoid eating.

● Soften the liver and nourish the lungs – shepherd’s purse
According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Shepherd’s purse is sweet in taste, flat in nature, enters the heart, lung and liver meridians, has diuretic, eyesight, and liver, strengthens muscles and bones, lowers blood pressure, and reduces inflammation.” Beneficial liver qi, and neutralization”; “Daily Materia Medica” contains “cooling the liver and improving eyesight”; shepherd’s purse is high in fiber, low in calories, and has the effects of weight loss, moisturizing and beauty.

●Benefit the five internal organs and the blood vessels – spinach
Spinach has the functions of nourishing yin and moistening dryness, soothing liver, and nourishing blood, etc. It has a good auxiliary treatment effect on hypertension, dizziness, diabetes, and anemia caused by insufficient liver yin in spring. Another study from Harvard University found that middle-aged and elderly people who eat spinach 2-4 times a week can reduce the risk of retinal degeneration. Anemia can take 100 grams of spinach to make soup; people with blurred vision can take 500 grams of fresh spinach and mutton liver, boil the water, add the mutton liver, add spinach after a little rolling, and cook with appropriate amount of salt, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate.

清明养生小常识之清明节气饮食指南 Diet Guide for Qingming Solar Terms


Vegetables before and after Qingming
Spring Cuisine: It is sweet, bitter, cold, and astringent to stop bleeding, invigorate the spleen and regulate qi, and help digestion, which is beneficial to the promotion of liver qi and spleen qi.

Spring Chives: that is, chives in spring, a spring tonic. It can increase human gastrointestinal motility, play the role of blood vessel scavenger, and increase the body’s resistance by nourishing the liver and kidney, but for people with accumulated fire and phlegm should not take it too often.

Lycium Barbarum dish: Cooked with pork liver and lean meat as soup, it can clear the liver and improve eyesight, which is beneficial to relieve stagnation of liver qi



Fruits before and after Qingming
Loquat Fruit: Cool in nature, sweet and sour, it can moisten the lungs, quench thirst, and relieve qi. It is suitable for cough with excessive phlegm or general health care.

Sangkan: Contains 7 kinds of vitamins, glucose and 16 kinds of amino acids needed by the human body. In addition, some people also like to add sugar or honey to make paste, soak in wine, etc.




Medicinal diet for Qingming health
Lycium barbarum and white fungus soup: 10g each of wolfberry, white fungus (white fungus), 15g of yam, add water to boil, add 30g of rock sugar, two chicken days, and finally sprinkle about 3g of fresh chrysanthemum.

Water chestnut radish juice: 250g each of water chestnut and radish juice, wash and blend into juice.




●Tea for Qingming health preservation
Scutellaria Tea
Direction: 6g of Scutellaria baicalensis, 3g of green tea, boil Scutellaria baicalensis with 200 ml of water, then use it to brew green tea, and drink it after 5 to 10 minutes.
Efficacy: It has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, purging lung fire, detoxification, diuresis, lowering blood pressure and sedation.

Longan Jujube Tea
Direction: 5 longan and red dates for each, brew with boiling water.
Efficacy: It has the functions of nourishing the heart and spleen, nourishing qi and blood, soothing the nerves, moistening the lungs, etc.

Always consult a physician before using any dietary or herbal supplements.


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