Related information: Male, 55 years old, weights between 135 ~ 155 lbs. Dry and hard stools, sleep late, do not drink alcohol, smoker.

After having dinner with my friends one evening, my left big toe suddenly swelled, and I experienced pain throughout the night. The uric acid level was high during the recent physical examination. This is the first time I have experience such pain. Is it gout? How do I treat it?



The experience of gout goes deep into the soul, the pain is unspeakable, causing people restless and unable to move around.

What’s more frightening is that recurrence gout may also cause chronic gouty arthritis, joint deformities, uric acid stones, gouty nephropathy, and other problems, and even cause organ and system dysfunction, which seriously affects patients’ lives.

那么要如何治疗呢?So, how to treat gout?



Gout is a group of heterogeneous genetic diseases with disordered purine metabolism. Because the urate crystals accumulate around the joints, in the joints and in the skin, it causes hyperuricemia, arthritis and gout nodules. Hyperuricemia in primary gout is related to overproduction of uric acid or decreased renal excretion. In secondary gout, it is due to increased purine biosynthesis, followed by overproduction of uric acid. The latter is currently known as the following diseases complications: chronic leukemia, myeloid hyperplasia, polycythemia vera and widespread psoriasis vulgaris.

Acute attacks of join pain are typical symptoms of acute gout. The onset of the disease usually occurs after minor injuries, overeating or related diseases, especially in the distal joints of the limbs. The typical symptoms occur in the toes, also called foot gout; it can also cause renal colic due to urate stones. Chronic gout is characterized by destructive join changes.


Western medicine generally removes gout nodules that affect functional activities and performs systemic treatment. For acute gout attacks, it is recommended to rest in bed, and colchicine is used at a dose of 0.5 micrograms per hour until the pain is relieved or diarrhea occurs. Analgesics such as indomethacin can also be used at a dose of 100 micrograms per day for two to three consecutive days. For chronic gout, a low-purine diet is recommended, long-term use of sulfonamide (suo), a dose of one to two grams per day, to increase renal uric acid excretion, and baking soda can also be used. While treating with western medicine, weight loss is also advocated.


In the treatment of gout with Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the acute phase, the main method is to dispel pathogens, and often use methods such as dispelling wind, removing dampness, and clearing heat within the body. Clinically, we are more urgent to the disease, manifested as joint swelling, heat and pain, local burning, soothing when getting cold, accompanied by fever, thirst, upset, yellow urine, red tongue, yellow or greasy coating, slippery pulse, or chord. You can use Si Miao Wan. The composition of this medicine: 15 grams of Phellodendron Amurense, 15 grams of Radix Achyranthes, 15 grams of Atractylodes, 30 grams of Dried Pearl Barley, 30 grams of Lonicera Japonica Thunb, 30 grams of White Flower Patrinia, 30 grams of Cortex Lycii, 15 grams of Radix Gentianae, 15 grams of Stephania Tetrandra, 15 grams of Shinyleaf Pricklyash Root, 15 grams of Corydalis Yanhusuo, 5 grams of Licorice.


In addition to medical treatment of gout, it is important to maintain a normal diet to prevent recurrence. Patients should also regularly review blood uric acid and other related indicators, as well as liver and kidney functions.

Below recommended two daily diet remedies for people with gout

Tea Replacement Drink: 25 grams of Lily Bulbs, and 20 grams of Semen Plantaginis, brew with water and consume in substitution for tea (hence, Tea Replacement Drink).

Winter Melon and Pearl Barley Soup: 500 grams of fresh winter melon (with peel), 60 grams pearl barley, add water and boil. Ready to serve!


Always consult a physician before start using any dietary or herbal supplements.

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