1 in 5 people cannot sleep well at night? As reported, about 10-20% of Chinese adult suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is already a public health problem that seriously endangers people’s physical and mental health.

It is necessary to find the core pathogenesis and help the patient relieve the pain of insomnia.

Through actual cases, let us look at how Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners treat insomnia based on different syndromes.

病例 Case study:

I have been insomnia for nearly half a year, and it takes a long time to fall back asleep after waking up around 2 o’clock every night. Accompanied by muscle tightening under the armpit and around the left chest. After several electrocardiograms, results shown to be normal. Previously, I had thyroid nodule, but it has subsided, and the indicators are basically normal. The blood lipid and cholesterol exceeded the standard, and everything else seems normal.

相关信息:男性,年龄51-60岁之间,体重61 -70kg之间,大便正常,失眠,偶尔喝酒,有吸烟。
Related information: Male, aged 51-60, weight 61-70 kg, normal bowel movements, insomnia, occasional drinking, and smoking.

杨医生 Dr. Yang:
According to the patient’s description, this is a case of insomnia. We need to consider the possibility of insomnia due to deficiency syndrome, especially of liver blood deficiency.

The theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the liver stores blood in the five internal organs, and the blood houses the soul. If a person’s liver blood is insufficient and the soul cannot rest well, he will suffer from poor sleep. Judging from the situation that the patient wakes up at two or three o’clock every night and it is difficult to fall asleep again after waking up, this time is exactly the running time of the liver meridian in the twelve meridians. In addition, the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine also believes that the liver contains blood in the body as tendons. Insufficient blood in the liver will cause dystrophy of the meridians and easy cramps. This is also in line with the patient’s condition. Therefore, it is believed here that if patient wants to improve their sleep, they can pay more attention to nourishing liver and blood.



Because Traditional Chinese Medicine identified that the liver and kidney are homologous. The liver and kidneys of men are gradually depleted after the age of 88 and 77 for women. Therefore, patient can choose a medicated soup that nourishes the liver and kidneys, nourishes the blood, and calms the nerves.



It is recommended that patient can stew lean meat with 20 grams of polygonatum sibiricum and 20 grams of lean pork. Polygonatum sibiricum can nourish yin and blood, nourish liver and kidney. Stewed lean meat can nourish liver and blood and can also help sleep. It is also suitable for people with three highs (high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure).



Generally, Traditional Chinese Medicine decoctions or soups that calm the nerves and aid sleeps are recommended to be consumed after dinner or before going to bed. Do not consume in the morning. All contents above are for reference only, please follow your doctor’s advice for specific medication.

For medical consultations, Tak Shing Hong has launched an online “TSE Health” column, inviting professional Chinese physicians to regularly provide online consultations, or consulting professional opinions for real cases. For detailed, please follow Tak Shing Hong’s official account.


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