In recent years, with the accelerated pace of life, more and more people suffer from depression, especially to younger age people, under high pressure for a long time, cannot release their personal emotions to a certain extent, and thus also experience depression.



Moreover, for some patients with depression, it is easy to affect personal life and work, and it is not good for the body. For some patients with mild depression, there are often the following mantras, I hope you have not said them.


1烦死了”  “So Annoying!”


For some patients with mild depression, their ability to resist stress is relatively low. When they encounter some troublesome things, they will become extremely irritable, and they often feel “annoyed to death”. Words hang on the lips.This will lead to a decline in personal mood, gradually losing confidence in life, and abnormal emotional breakdown. Therefore, in normal times, you should pay attention to proper adjustment.


2没有胃口,不想吃饭”  “No appetite, Don’t want to eat”


For some people with mild depression, their appetite will also be reduced, and they will gradually lose interest in eating. Therefore, in life, if this phenomenon occurs frequently within a period of time, it is necessary to go to the hospital for relevant treatment and examination as soon as possible, and learn to regulate reasonable emotions in peacetime, which may be able to achieve a certain improvement effect.

3好累啊”   So tired”


For some people with depression, they often experience abnormal physical exhaustion. In addition to simple physical exhaustion, psychological pressure is relatively large, and they feel exhausted.


It is often normal. Why do you feel so tired? Such a mantra will increase your psychological burden over time, which will lead to aggravation of the disease. Therefore, in normal times, you should also pay attention to proper adjustment, learn to rest properly, or be able to to improve the effect.


4、都是我不好” “It’s all my fault”


For some people with mild depression, they not only have relatively low self-confidence in peacetime, but also often like to blame all mistakes on themselves, thinking that they are doing good enough which is affecting the result.


This will also lead to poorer self-confidence, which will lead to heavier psychological burden and aggravate the problem of depression. Therefore, in peacetime, we should also pay attention to proper adjustment, and people around us should also learn to properly guide.

5我是一个没用的人”  “I’m a Loser”


For some people with mild depression, they are often in a state of self-denial. Even if one thing is done perfectly, they still devalue themselves and think they are worthless.


Moreover, often talk about themselves as a useless person. Over time, it will also lead to setbacks in self-confidence. Being in a state of depression for a long time will also aggravate the occurrence of the disease and have a certain impact on the psychology.


Therefore, in normal times, we should also pay attention to proper adjustment, and people around us should also encourage more, or it may have a relieving effect.


6过得好没意思”  “Life is hopeless”


For some people with mild depression, they often only see the negative side. Moreover, the personal pressure is relatively too large and they do not know how to release it, so they lose confidence in life and their temper will become more irritable.


Sometimes depression, sometimes crying, will often lead to thoughts of suicide, so in normal times, if you have such a person around you, you must pay attention to encouraging him and giving him confidence, which may help relax your body and mind and alleviate the problem of depression.

7、我要是死了,你们就能轻松了”  “If I die, you can relax”


For people with mild depression, due to long-term depression and excessive stress, it will also have a serious psychological impact. I think I am useless and drag others down, so I also have thoughts of suicide, thinking that if I die, the people around me can have better life.


Once such a thought arises, the family should also adjust in time, see a psychiatrist as soon as possible, and learn to make appropriate improvements, which may effectively alleviate the problem of depression.Therefore, if someone around you often say the above words, it is also a signal that depression is coming.


You can take him to the hospital as soon as possible for relevant treatment and examination, and learn to encourage him properly, cultivate his hobbies, and make him full of hope in life, which may help improve the effect.


Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that depression is mainly caused by the involvement of the liver, heart and spleen and the imbalance of qi and blood, which belongs to the category of “depression syndrome”. Liver governs stagnation, anxiety, anger, and other mental stimuli can make the liver lose its regulation. The stagnation of the spleen can lead to the loss of healthy movement of the spleen, which affects the spleen’s function of dispelling water grains and transporting water and dampness;


In the early stage of depression, the disease body is many and solid, and the disease is mainly qi stagnation, often accompanied by blood stasis, fire, phlegm, and food stagnation. Depending on the affected viscera and the consumption of qi, blood, and yin and yang, different pathologies of deficiency of the heart, spleen, liver and kidney will be formed, and eventually the function of the brain will be damaged.


Always consult a physician before you start using any dietary or herbal supplements.


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