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Goji Berry, also known as goji, wolfberry, lycium barbarum, etc., is a commonly used medicine for replenishing yin in clinical practice. Goji Berry refers to the dried and mature fruit of Ningxia wolfberry.

Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine


Compendium of Materia Medica stated: “Goji Berry, nourish the kidney and produce essence, nourish the liver, improve eyesight, strengthen the essence and bones, reduce fatigue, soothe the nerves, and help people live longer.”

Modern Pharmacological Research


Modern medical research has found that Goji Berry contains carotene, vitamins, betaine, calcium, iron, and other nutrients, which have a certain effect on reducing the three highs (high blood pressure, high blood glucose, and high blood lipid) and delaying senescence. Mothers-to-be can eat Goji Berry in moderation, which has obvious benefits for the baby’s eye development and liver cleansing. Women’s regular use can make the skin ruddy and shiny, and can promote the metabolism of cells, especially senescent cells, thereby reducing the production of facial fine lines and delay aging.

Benefits of Consuming Goji Berry

可以明目 Improve Eyesight

The many nutritional elements contained in Goji Berry can protect the eyes greatly, so it can achieve the effect of eyesight. In ancient times, Goji Berry was used to treat night blindness caused by insufficient liver blood, kidney yin deficiency and dim vision.

防癌抗癌 Prevent and Resist Cancer

Goji Berry has an obvious inhibitory effect on the formation and collapse of cancer cells, and contemporary experiments have shown that if you drink more Goji Berry tea, it can help improve the immune function of cancer patients. Goji Berry can also strengthen body resistance and has anti-aging effect.

补益肝肾 Nourish Liver and Kidney

根据一向实验得出: 在实验当中枸杞对实验动物肝脏有保护作用。还可以降低谷丙转氨酶。对于肝脏存在的损伤起修复作用。枸杞还是补肾良药,能改善肾功能。

According to a consistent experiment: Goji Berry has a protective effect on the liver. It can reduce alanine aminotransferase and repairs damaged liver. Goji Berry can also improve kidney function, which makes a good medicine for kidney.

防止脱发 Prevent Hair Loss


Hair growth has a good correlation with kidneys and blood circulation. Goji Berry can invigorate the kidney and promote blood circulation. Therefore, Goji Berry is a good medicine for preventing hair loss. Soaking Goji Berry in water can improve circulation in the human body.

枸杞搭配小技巧 How to use Goji Berry

01、枸杞红枣煲鸡蛋 Goji Berry & Red Dates Steam Egg

润心肺、生津液、悦颜色、补中益气、滋脾土 Nourish the heart and lungs.

02、枸杞蜂蜜柚子茶 Honey Goji Berry Grapefruit Tea

Promotes qi to eliminate expectorant and relieve cough as well alcohol and toxin.

03、枸杞炒香菇芹菜 Stir-fried Mushrooms and Celery with Goji Berry

Stabilize mood, eliminate irritability, moisturize and anti-wrinkle, reduce blood pressure.

枸杞挑选小窍门 How to choose Goji Berry

枸杞选购看外观 The Appearance


When buying Goji Berry, choose the ones with a plump appearance, a natural and slightly dull color. Choose seeded Goji Berries to avoid contamination during processing. Do not buy products that have sour taste and too bright in color, choose the ones with dark orange or dark red. It is best to choose the ones with rounded and larger in shape.

枸杞如何保存 How to store Goji Berry

冰箱贮存 Store in Refrigerator


Choose dry Goji Berry when purchasing. Put them in a sealed can or bottle after opening and put in a cool and ventilated place. Sealed and refrigerated is even better.

枸杞食用有禁忌 Important notes to consuming Goji Berry

通常来讲,健康成年人每天吃20g左右的枸杞比较合适; 药用的话可以增加至30g; 如果干嚼枸杞,量还要减半。


A healthy adult can consume about 20g of Goji Berry a day; for medicinal use, consumption can increase to 30g; if chewing on Goji Berry directly, the amount should be halved. In addition, due to the high sugar content of Goji Berry, each 100g Goji Berry contains 19.3g of sugar, and people with diabetes should use with caution. People with cold, fever, hypersexuality, or inflammation are not recommended to use tonic such as Goji Berry.


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