The Secret Recipe of Beauty From Empress Dowager Cixi!


Our skin has a great relationship with our body. The essence applied on the face may not be absorbed by the skin. Sometimes too much supplementation will lead to excess nutrition, and the skin will not be breathable. In the end, acne and pimples will start occurring. Therefore, treating the symptoms, WE GOTTA FIX IT! Regulating the homeostasis of the body is the key!


Today, we’re talking about – “Plant Bird’s Nest” – Peach Gum


Peach gum, also known as “tears of peach blossoms”, not only has the effect of beauty, but also regulates the body. It is also a beauty prescription often prescribed by the ancient imperial doctor to the Empress Dowager Cixi. It was only discovered in recent years that the original peach gum and bird’s nest The effect is the same! Peach gum is a natural beauty product, whether it is taken internally or externally, it has excellent cosmetic effects.


桃胶究竟是什么?What exactly is peach gum?


Peach gum is a nutrient secreted by peach trees in order to heal wounds after injury. The sugar water boiled with peach gum has the same effect as bird’s nest. In addition to moisturizing the lungs and removing dryness, regular consumption can also improve acne and smooth skin, clear heat, beautify the face and resist aging.


吃桃胶的好处The Benefits of Peach Gum

1、嫩肤美容Skin Rejuvenation and Beauty


Peach gum is mainly composed of galactose, rhamnose, α-glucuronic acid, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Among them, plant collagen has the effect of anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation, which can not only promote cell regeneration, accelerate metabolism, but also clear the skin. Free radicals on the surface, improve skin elasticity, delay aging, and make your skin smooth and delicate.

2、生津止渴To Quench Thirst


It is said to drink 8 glasses of water a day, however, eating peach gum can regulate the body fluid system in the body and play a role in replenishing water. The more water in the body, the better the skin and body will naturally be.

3、身体修复Body Repair


At the same time, if you are a mother who has just given birth, peach gum can also treat postpartum diarrhea, red and white, bloody, dysentery tenesmus, and eating it during confinement can make your body repair faster.

4、预防多种疾病Prevent Various Diseases


Since peach gum is rich in monosaccharide polymers and unsaturated fatty acids, eating it can prevent high blood sugar and high blood lipids, accelerate the metabolism of fatty acids in the body, stabilize the blood sugar index within a certain range, and prevent blood lipids from rising.

产自高原的桃胶最好!The peach gum from the plateau is the best~

桃胶的产地一般有云南、贵州、苏杭地区 、以及北方地区。在海拔2500~3000米的生态高原地区,所产出的桃胶是珍贵无比的,是一种来自大自然的天然植物,不经过人工加工,不经过其他的污染,就是纯天然

The origins of peach gum are generally Yunnan, Guizhou, Suzhou and Hangzhou, and northern regions. In the ecological plateau area of 2500~3000 meters above sea level, the peach gum produced is extremely precious. It is pure natural without artificial processing or other pollution!

一碗桃胶羹=30片面膜A bowl of peach gum = 30 masks


We know that peach gum is so nutritious, so how to eat it to get the best nutritional value? At this time, big shoutouts to Empress Dowager Cixi’s maintenance secret – peach gum, a bowl of peach gum has the same beauty effect as 30 masks!


Ingredients: 4-5 pieces of Peach Gum, half of White Fungus, 20 grains of Wild Snow Lotus Seed, and appropriate amount of rock sugar.



  • 将桃胶和皂角米用冷水浸泡12小时,沥干水分备用;

Soak Peach Gum and Wild Snow Lotus Seed in cold water for 12 hours, drain and set aside

  • 银耳泡1小时即可,泡软后去除黄色的根蒂,撕成小朵;

Soak the White Fungus for 1 hour, remove the yellow root after soaking, and tear it into small buds

  • 将桃胶、皂角米和银耳放入锅中,加适量冷水,大火煮开小火慢炖2小时左右;

Put Peach Gum, Wild Snow Lotus Seed and White Fungus into the pot, add an appropriate amount of cold water, boil over high heat and simmer slowly for about 2 hours

  • 出锅前放入冰糖,冰糖溶化后关火,撒入枸杞和红枣,再焖5分钟即可。

Add rock sugar before serving, turn off the heat after the rock sugar dissolves, sprinkle in wolfberry and red dates, and simmer for 5 minutes.



In addition to the authentic plateau peach gum, it is great paired with Wild Snow Lotus Seed and Xueyan (Wild Tragacanth Gum), which can maximize the nutrition of peach gum. In T S Emporium E-shop, you can save your valuable time for picking and matching, which is convenient and nutritious.


Snow swallow (Wild Tragacanth Gum) grows in Southeast Asia with high temperature and low rainfall, low soil water content, and sunny areas. It mostly grows in valleys and weeds at an altitude of 540-1500 meters. Snow swallow tree is about 4 meters high, with 5-7 petals and yellow flowers. , the seeds are the size of black peanuts. When it is just secreted, the snow swallow is white and transparent, and the color will deepen when it is oxidized in water. Each tree can only produce one gram of snow swallows in 3 days, and it will decrease month by month from October to February. Snow swallows will not be produced from February to May. It is conceivable that snow swallows are a very precious tonic.


Snow swallows are crystal clear after soaking, like white snow, and have nourishing effects. They grow naturally and are plant bird’s nests, which are very suitable for human absorption.


  1. 德成行精选桃胶  TAK SHING HONG Peach Gum
  2. 德成行皂角/雪莲子  TAK SHING HONG Wild Snow Lotus Seed
  3. 德成行野生雪燕  TAK SHING HONG Wild Tragacanth Gum “Snow Swallow”
  4. 德成行银耳 TAK SHING HONG Yellow Fungus


Always consult a physician before you start using any dietary or herbal supplements.


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